Social action invites to the „Measles“concert

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The Centre for Communicable Diseases and AIDS invites to the concert of „Measles“and of the children and youth ensembles in the capital‘s shopping and leisure centre “Panorama” on April 25th (Monday) starting at 17:00.

Such an unusual show will announce a start of the social campaign „Don‘t let the measles to destroy your life!“.  This campaign contributes to the theme of the World Health Organisation‘s Immunization Week 2016 about elimination of two acute infectious diseases – measles and rubella to draw public attention to importance of vaccines against these infectious diseases.

Many VIPs of Lithuania (sportsmen, artists, journalists, performers and showmen) have already joined the social campaign „Don‘t let the measles to destroy your life! “  Photos of these people will be displayed in the exhibition organised in the shopping and leisure centre ‘Panorama”, 1st floor at the main entrance.

All interested people can join this campaign by being photographed for free and receiving instant photos, one of which the Organisers will ask to mount on the special billboard. The visitors will be able to ask questions about vaccination, to participate in polls.

 Students of the Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre‘s vocal jazz studio KIVI,   “Balsas” studio vocalists and guitarists, the street dance group BOUNCE, lindy hop dancers will give a concert in the campaign opening.

You are kindly invited to participate!


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