The book “Who is afraid of vaccine?” was presented in Vilnius

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Specialists of the Centre for Communicable Diseases and AIDS (CCDA) participated in the presentation of the book of Dr. Andrea Grignolio’s “Who is afraid of vaccine” hosted by the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences in Vilnius. It is the first book that scientifically analyses the hostility towards vaccine issue lively for more than two hundred years. The book is being translated from Italian to English by the globally recognized academic publishing house Elsevier.
For many years vaccination is one of the basic and effective measures of communicable disease prevention however, according to the author Dr. A. Grignolio, environmental and social factors also shape personals views and often determine the choice of parents to vaccine or not their child. We should not try to change views of the anti-vaccine proponents because it can lead to enhancement of not always the right choice.    

Parents are mostly worried because of amount of recommended vaccines which, according to them, may negatively impact the child’s immunity. Factors of child’s non-vaccination include lacking knowledge of parents’ (on issues of vaccines), insufficient recommendations of the qualified medical professionals. Vaccination coverage is also determined by the social factors: residence place, financial abilities, education, etc.

Decision of the parents and carers to not vaccinate the children is a decision to take a risk of diseases because decreasing immunisation coverage enhances a risk of outbreaks which may result in complications, inability and even death”, spoke CCDA Director Prof. Dr. Saulius Caplinskas.
Routine administration of vaccines for children in Lithuania is based on the Prophylactic Vaccination Schedule. Newborns, infants and children are immunized against tuberculosis, hepatitis B, whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles, epidemic parotitis, rubella, Haemophilus influenzae B type infection, pneumococcal infection, HPV.

Picture (from left): Director of the Italian Cultural Institute Ms.Paola Cioni, Italian Ambassador to Lithuania  Mr. Taliani de Marchio, book author Dr. Andrea Grignolio and CCDA Director Prof. Dr. Saulius Caplinskas

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